Events and Activities

EHYC sponsors multiple cruises typically from May through September, and we are active participants in the City of Bainbridge Island lighted boat parade in December. In the other months we have indoor events on the 3rd Friday of each month, with informative and educational presentations. Our Annual Meeting is held each January and there are one or two club picnics on Bainbridge Island during the summer. In addition, each year we hold a Fire Extinguisher and Flare Safety Event as described below. Members can log in to see the complete, up-to-date calendar. 

2024 Cruises

The cruise schedule for 2024 is below (click the "read more" link). Normally, a description of each cruise appears in the club newsletter a month or two in advance. Cruises include group events such as a breakfast, happy hours, or dinner. Sometimes, there are excursions and low-key games. All are great fun.

An email with a signup link is usually sent to all members four to six weeks before the cruise starts. The cost of a cruise varies (the club's objective is to break even) and is typically between $20 and $35 per person. Fees for moorage are paid directly to the marina by individual participants. In some cases, the club makes the marina reservations; in others, they have to be made by participants. 

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Third Fridays

The club's Third Friday gatherings are off-season getting-to-know-you, knowledge-sharing, fun-filled events lasting two or three hours in the early evening. These informal, catered BYOB dinners usually take place in October, November, February, March, and April in comfortable rented facilities. There are often some speakers on boating topics - either people we bring in to talk about, for example, boating safety or members who share their experience in a Pacific Northwest cruising area. Two recent Third Fridays covered cruising in the Inside Passage and cold water survival tips (the first tip covering how to avoid getting into the water in the first place).